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FocusERP is a business systems management software created by ENFOCOM

FocusERP Software is:

Industry Specific

Focus ERP is a Cloud-based, integrated Oil Field Service business system developed with small and medium companies in mind. Users find it intuitive, flexible, capable and fast.

Integrated System

All the applications required for Oil Field Service and light Manufacturingin one system and one database enables FocusERP to help improve customer service and reduce costs by improving communications and eliminating reworks, errors, and data porting.

Manage customers, quotes and estimates, projects, and streamline billing.

Stay informed with real-time data from anywhere at any time. Job status, cost, profit margin, production capability, approvals, history

are all available with the click of a mouse.

Disaster recovery takes minutes. instead of days or longer.


FocusERP will integrate with your current accounting software to make implementation fast.

FocusERP is also designed to meet the production process requirements of ISO 9001 compliant manufacturing facilities.


FocusERP is secure Cloud-based technology that offers companies 24/7 online access worldwide via an encrypted internet connection.

All data storage is redundant in multiple locations.

Disaster recovery takes minutes.

Affordable ERP

FocusERP eliminates space requirements, maintenance and update costs associated with having to run and maintain an on-premise server.

FocusERP is fast and easy to implement and guarantees it will pay for itself faster than any other ERP software available today!

ENFOCOM was founded in 1999 by Information Technology and Software Development professionals on a mission to employ the latest proven technologies to provide our clients with innovative solutions. Our skills span a variety of technologies and domain areas, however our roots are grounded in security and our commitment to our clients is to provide exceptional client service. This approach has earned our customers’ trust and confidence and contributed to our success as a preferred vendor in providing secure solutions to some of Canada’s largest multinational corporations. ENFOCOM is a proud Microsoft Silver Partner.

The FocusERP Solutions team leverage the latest proven technologies to help companies in Oil Field Service and Manufacturing to optimize productivity, reduce costs and establish new performance standards. Our customers enjoy working with us since we take the time to understand their needs and challenges and provide effective, industry specific solutions to enhance their profitability. Over the last 6 years our ERP solutions have been developed and expanded by expert software engineers in response to requirements identified to meet the needs of a variety of clients in competitive and ever changing markets. These capabilities are shared among our customers as they become available.

eFactory is now know as FocusERP!

eFactory is now known as FocusERP.
All of eFactory’s operations are still fully applicable and current users of eFactory will continue to get updates to their software. If you’re interested in trying our new FocusERP software, we encourage you to contact ENFOCOM.

Need a custom software product to help your business?

Get in touch with a representative from ENFOCOM to find out how we can help you with all your information technology requirements.

Some of our awesome clients...

All-Track Services Ltd.
Advanced Voting Solutions, Inc.
Alberta Cancer Board
Alberta Golf Association
Big Sky Solutions Inc.
Calgary Airport Authority
Caliper Inspection Ltd.
CanaREP Inc.
General Dynamics Canada
Gikoko Kogyo Ltd. (Japan)
GreenPipe Industries Ltd.
Jager Building Systems Inc.
K’Prime Technologies
MMR Canada Limited
Peregrine Integrity Management
Raytheon Canada Limited
Scaffold Gold Inc.
SIMO Corporation
Suncor Energy Inc.
TransCanada Corporation

Our Promise to You

FocusERP Pays For Itself!

  • We will properly assess your current and future requirements to respond to all your needs.

  • We will complete the implementation including Setup, Configuration, and Data Migration in less than 45 days.

  • We guarantee a complete return on investment within 12 months of going live.

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